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Many are applying for a federal postal job because the USPS provides stability, tenure, and a cool pay and benefits package. It doesn’t matter which postal location you get to work in-postal jobs in California, postal jobs in Florida, NYC postal jobs, postal jobs in Texas, postal jobs in NC, postal jobs in Ohio, or postal jobs in NJ-once you’ve made it to the US Postal Service, you basically have your present and future secured.

But here’s the catch: Competition for these positions is tough. Thousands of applicants from all over the country want to get a postal career as well because they know the benefits that are in store for them. Thus, you have to make sure that you ace the postal 473 exam which all applicants for entry-level career positions like city carriers, mail handlers, mail processing clerks, rural carrier associates, and sales and distribution associates must take. Although the minimum score to pass is 70, you need to get way more than this if you want a shot at the interview.

Everyone knows the importance of getting a secure USPS career. Unfortunately, this has spawned a lot of postal job scams where unscrupulous individuals aim to take advantage of those who badly want to get these positions. Experienced scammers, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) use official federal-sounding names like “Postal Employment Service” to convince people that they can help them find postal job openings in their area-for a fee, of course.

Other con artists, the FTC warns, also place an ad for a postal job in your area. You are told to call a number where they will tell you that you need to pay a certain amount for the study materials which they will send so that you can get a high score for the postal exam.

But the reality of the situation is that these organizations are not affiliated in any way with the US Postal Service. There may not even be openings in your town. And those study materials that you had to pay for? Well, you can obtain a practice postal test 473 from the USPS website. To know whether a job opening is available, all you need to do is go to the USPS website ( and search for openings in your area. As for the postal battery test that you need to take, there are free practice tests online which will familiarize you with the instructions and the types of questions that you will encounter. The 473 is an aptitude test, mind you, not a test based on knowledge of facts, so you can’t really prepare for it in the way that you prepare for university entrance exams.

The bottom line is this: Don’t believe anyone who tells you that you need to shell out precious dollars to get a US postal job.


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