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Yes, You Can Work for the USPS without Taking a Postal Battery Test

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If there is one thing that is synonymous with a postal service job, it is a postal battery exam. Those who wish to work for the most efficient mail organization in the world and earn competitive pay, generous benefits, and a job for life! thanks to its union-negotiated contracts that prohibit layoff! know that to get into the roster of eligible applicants, they need to score high in the postal exam that they are required to take.

These exams are not easy to ace, however. They are conducted under intense time limitations that make them almost difficult to finish. The pressure also makes test takers prone to a lot of errors which further lower their score and of course, their chances of getting an interview.

But did you know there is a way for you to become a USPS employee without taking a postal battery test? Yes, there is. The positions that open to these are temporary, that means that you will only be paid an hourly wage and can’t expect to receive the benefits that other career-track workers are getting. But and this is a very big thing! these casual posts can lead to more permanent and full time positions. How so?

Temporary postal workers also undergo the same training as the other regular hires. They first work with an experienced supervisor or staff and learn essentially the same skills and knowledge as everyone else. Thus, if you are intent on really pursuing a lifetime postal career, the best strategy is to learn all you can while you are still a casual and continue to apply to career-track positions that require a written postal battery exam. Now, you don’t have any more reason to fear this test since you already have developed the skills and have the knowledge you need to know based on your on-the-job experience. You only need a little review to enhance what you already know.

Once you get a high score in the test and are called for an interview, there is already a very big chance that you will get hired. This is because between an applicant who does not have any experience versus one who already knows the job, the postmaster will most likely prefer the latter. He won’t have to waste any more time or personnel training a complete neophyte.

Most career-track job vacancies are posted in the USPS website ( However, for temporary employment positions, your best bet is to go to a post office near where you live. the usual requirement is for you to live within 50 miles of the facility. Ask the postmaster for casual positions that you might qualify for. Needless to say, you need to be prepared for this meeting with a resume on hand. If they have no openings, try asking for nearby post offices that might be hiring.

Good luck on your USPS job hunt!


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