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What is the Postal Exam 955?

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If you are applying for a technical maintenance position at the US Postal Service, one of the requirements that you need to fulfill is to obtain a high score in the postal exam 955. Whether you want to be a building equipment mechanic, a maintenance mechanic, an electronic technician, an area maintenance technician, or a mail processing equipment maintenance mechanic, you need to hurdle the 955. This exam replaced postal tests 931, 932, and 933.

There are two sessions in the postal exam 955: 1) The Personal Characteristics and Experience Inventory Test and 2) Online Electronic Test.

The Personal Characteristics and Experience Inventory Test is the first session of exam 955 and is self-administered. You will basically be answering 120 questions in a span of 75 minutes. As you may have inferred based on the title, this part of the test is actually a personality test which aims to get a personality profile of prospective candidates. Yes, this portion of the test is scored but how they go about determining the right from the wrong answers is something that only those who administer the test know.

Session 2 is the online electronic test which consists of two parts the Multicraft section and the Spatial Relations section. Technical topics are covered in the Multicraft section which consists of 60 multiple choice questions which you need to answer in an hour. Theories, practical knowledge, and scientific formulas about mechanical, electrical, and related topics are covered in this portion of the test.

The Spatial Relations section enables you to picture an end product using drawings and schematics. It is further divided into two sections the Matching Parts and Figures segment and the Spatial Visualization segment. The Matching Parts and Figures portion basically asks you what figure or shape would result if you were fit flat dimensional pieces together. From the given drawings you must choose the best picture that would result if you put the pieces together. Your answer (the resulting shape) should not overlap nor should they have gaps.

The Spatial Visualization portion basically gives you an object in its top, front, and right side views. Then you must choose from among four figures to determine which object was the one represented in its different views.

As you may have noticed, this postal exam 955 is a test for those who are intelligent in technical and spatial aspects. It is also suited for those who have prior experience or education in equipment and electronic mechanics. A sufficient background is necessary since it is virtually impossible to study everything found in the test using one reviewer. In fact, there is no one postal exam 955 reviewer available in the market because the topics covered are wide and far-reaching. You will have to go back to your books and rely on your knowledge and practical experience to get a very high score in this test.


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