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What Happens After you Take a Postal Battery 473-E?

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Now that you have taken the postal battery 473-e test, what do you do? When can you expect the test scores to come in? And what happens after that? These questions have no doubt plagued you as soon as you have completed your proctored exam at the supervised testing site.

When the postal test 473 was still a pencil and paper test, applicants had to wait for about 4 weeks for their test score to arrive. Back then, the answer sheet had to be sent to the National Test Administration Center for scoring. Now, however, technology has vastly improved to the point that you can see your test score right away as soon as you check your email. The USPS will send your score to the email address listed in your Candidate Profile as soon as you have finished taking the test from the supervised test site.

You need to have a score of 70/100 to be eligible for the entrance register of the Postal Service. In this register, the names of all who took the exam will put on the list. Take note that the register will rank the applicants in descending order and most of the time, only those who are on top of the list are called for an interview. That means you need to have a score of 90 or more to make it to the top of the roster. Just because your name is already on the register doesn’t assure you of a USPS job. However, your score on the postal exam 473-e is valid for six years if you have not been hired during that span of time. For other postal battery exams, the date of validity of your test is shown in your Notice of Rating.

If you have received a score below the set minimum (70/100), your test result will indicate that you got an ineligible rating. This means that you will not be placed in the entrance register and therefore, will not be able to proceed to the next step of the hiring process. Your notice of rating will indicate when you can take another test. For the 473, you will have to wait for at least 120 days before you can take that test again. Furthermore, you will only be able to take the test if you apply for another USPS employment opportunity requiring the taking of that particular postal battery test.

Once you receive a call for an interview, it is imperative that you show up on time and in professional attire. Try to answer the panelists honestly and respectfully. If you pass that interview, you will be asked to undergo some more background and medical assessments before you will finally be offered a job at the United States Postal Service.


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