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What Does a Distribution Supervisor of the USPS Do?

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If you already have experience working for the US Postal Service, you can explore areas for advancement. One position that you can apply for is that of becoming a Distribution Supervisor. So what exactly does this federal job entail?

In addition to having a postal job experience, you should also have a driver’s license, a high school diploma, and have experienced supervising others. You will need to exhibit knowledge of the mail industry, especially insofar as the regulations that govern the sorting and delivery of mail. Computer literacy and excellent customer service skills are a must. You need to have a driver’s license as well.

You must be physically fit to be a distribution supervisor. Part of the job requires lifting of heavy containers and mail packages and being on your feet for hours at a time. Living a healthy lifestyle through a proper diet and regular exercise will help you stay in shape to meet the rigors and demands of this USPS position.

Since distribution supervisors oversee the training of newbies who have just been hired by the USPS, they need to have leadership and interpersonal relationship skills as well. They should have the right mix of patience and discipline to ensure that the new entrants under their wing will listen to them.

The duties of a postal distribution supervisor generally have to do with ensuring that all mail gets delivered. Thus, he or she is responsible for sorting all types of mail, from packages to documents to letters; distributing these to the intended recipients in towns or cities; and collecting outgoing mail. They are also responsible for supervising and training new staff on the technologies and services needed by the postal service and giving fresh and timely information about USPS rules and policies. They also provide customer service.

Distribution supervisors generally receive an annual salary of $50,000 to $65, 000 annually, depending on their qualifications and experience. Other benefits include health and life insurances, overtime pay, paid leaves and holidays, and retirement savings plans, among others.

If you are interested to become a distribution supervisor for the USPS, you need to get into the postal service first. You can apply for job openings via their online employment portal ( ). When called to take the postal exam 473, make sure that you at a minimum score of 70% but aim for the highest score so you will be among those called for a job interview.) Show that you are productive in your position and when an opening comes up for a distribution supervisor, you can then apply. The postmaster will certainly give you more consideration if he or she knows that you can be trusted to perform your job well.


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