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The United States Postal Service (USPS) is the world’s most efficient postal organization. This is according to England’s Oxford Strategic Consulting. The study is conducted among the Group of Twenty major global economies and is proof that the USPS is still the world’s leading mail organization despite its financial difficulties.

Even if each USPS postal worker delivers close to 300,000 letters each in a year, they still scored the highest for efficiency compared to the other G20 economies. Japan Post came in second while Australia Post placed third. A single USPS post office also serves more than 8,000 people, making it the first in this area as well.

Unfortunately, the efficiency of the US Postal Service is limited to something that will probably become less significant in the future. Study author Scott Jackson phrases it this way: “The key thing about the U.S. Postal Service is [that] it’s extremely efficient compared to its colleagues around the world. But unfortunately, it’s very efficient on the sort of the thing that’s going to be the least important in the future: delivering letters”

Whereas other postal services around the world have diversified to providing other services, the USPS continues to provide the same services to its customers. The declining revenues of first class mail brought about by the popularity of email have contributed greatly to the financial woes that this premier mail organization is undergoing. This is in addition to the Congressional requirement of letting the USPS pre-fund the healthcare retirement benefits of its employees.

Still, working for the world’s most efficient mail organization is much sought-after. Being a US Postal Service worker means getting competitive pay. Regular career employees can expect a comprehensive benefits package which includes health insurance, life insurance, retirement plans, thrift savings plan, Social Security and Medicare, flexible spending accounts, and generous leave programs. Of course, the pride that comes with being a member of the premier mail service system among the G20 economies is also an added plus.

But getting into the USPS is not easy, especially now that competition for postal jobs have become stiffer. You will have to pass a time pressured and rigorous postal battery exam which varies depending on the position you are applying for. Around 90 percent of the available postal service employment opportunities require applicants to take the postal exam 473-e. This is an aptitude test which determines your suitability for the postal service. If you get one of the highest scores in this test, you can be called for an interview. Once you have aced the interview, you will have to pass the background checks and medical assessments to be offered the USPS position.

If you want to work in the world’s most efficient organization, you can learn more by visiting the USPS website at


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