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If you are interested to become a USPS employee but worry about the very competitive hiring process, there is another way. You can first start out as a transition employee in a postal facility near you. As a TE, your job is to take over full time USPS employees when they are not available. This means that you can only take over when they get sick due to sickness or injury or when they go on leaves or vacation.

Now let’s get one thing straight: Transition employees are considered non-career employees and work part-time with no set regular hours. They only receive hourly wages and do not earn benefits like health and life insurances, retirement plans, and other perks enjoyed by career workers. This being said, transition employees work an average of 38 to 50 hours a week. But since they do not have a regular work schedule, they have to be ready to work any time they are needed in the post office.

TEs still have to take and pass the postal battery test 473e. As a TE, you can be converted to a full time career status (with all the benefits) in the future. The question now is: Why would you want to be a transition employee if you still need to go through the postal exam process?

There are many reasons why you would want to be a TE. One of these is that it is a way to earn extra income. If you already have a job and are just looking for ways to augment your income then doing part-time work is the way to go. TEs earn quite a lot and usually get more hours than they had bargained for especially during the peak seasons like Christmas when sending letters and packages to families across the country is pretty much the norm.

Another reason why you would want to be a TE first is that it gives you an inside experience of the job of a postal employee if you are considering a long-term postal career. If you are still unsure if postal employment is right for you then by becoming a TE, you will know if the Postal Service is the right fit for your career goals.

You can find opportunities for TEs by searching for job opportunities in the USPS website ( You can also ask a postal facility nearest you if there are vacancies for those who are looking for part-time employment opportunities.

As the US Postal Service tries its best to stay financially viable despite its money troubles, the openings that they have now are for part-time non-career positions. If you wait for fulltime regular positions to begin, you’re going to have to wait for a very long time. Thus, being a transition employee is the quicker way to get into the United States Postal Service.


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