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USPS Raises Prices on Stamps

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The United States Postal Service has raised the prices of stamps for 2013 as it introduced the Global Forever Stamp first class mail. This new international rate stamp features an image of the earth created by Artist Leonello Calvetti using maps from NASA redesigned with 3D computer technology. The Global Forever Stamp allows customers to mail First Class Mail International single-ounce letters to anywhere in the world for $1.10. For domestic mail letters, the price of a first-class stamp has risen by one cent to 46 cents each.

In addition to increasing the prices of first-class mail, the U.S. Postal Service has also increased the prices of postcards to 33 cents. As for the regular single-ounce domestic letters, those that weigh more than one ounce will be charged an additional 20 cents per ounce of excess weight. Express Mail- Retail starts at $14.10 at the Post Office but Express Mail for Business costs from $13.09 for Commercial Base pricing and $11.16 for Commercial Plus pricing. Express Mail Flat Rate- Retail now starts at $19.95 at the Post Office while Express Mail Flat Rate for Business starts from $18.11 for Commercial Base pricing and $12.85 for Commercial Plus pricing. To learn more about the new stamp prices for 2013, go to the Prices page of the USPS at Rates of mailing and shipping services, the USPS has increased by 4 percent while there is only a 2.6 percent increase for regular letters and advertising matter.

Starting this January 2013, the U.S. Postal Service will introduce new shipping service products to the public. Free tracking is also going to be available for all packages sent as retail Priority Mail and Standard Post. If you are shipping critical mail matters and flats, the USPS allows you to receive a signature upon delivery.

The financial difficulty of the United States Postal Service is public knowledge. Just recently, the USPS Management has decided to accelerate steps to restructure its operations and reduce costs. This came in the wake of the failure of Congress to legislate for postal reform so that the USPS can be given greater flexibility to control costs and get new sources of revenue. Increasing prices of stamps is perhaps just one way that the USPS can increase their funds and stay afloat.

To date, the United States Postal Service has already reduced its career workforce by 24 percent. This means that the USPS is 168,000 postal workers less. It has also reduced its annual cost base by as much as $15 billion.

But in spite of the decrease of its career employees, there are still opportunities for work in the U.S. Postal Service for part-time non-career positions. These employment opportunities are open in various postal locations all over the country and include that of city carrier assistants, postmaster relief/replacement, and rural carrier associates.


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