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USPS Postal Jobs: Benefits for Military Veterans

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If you’re a US military veteran seeking for a federal job then you have several advantages over those who are not. Federal law requires that hiring preferences be given to those who have served the military. This means that if you are eligible, you must be considered for a job with the Federal government first.

When it comes to US postal jobs, the same preference is enjoyed by military veterans. In fact, custodial maintenance jobs with the postal service are restricted to them. The duties and responsibilities for this position include cleaning and maintaining buildings and grounds of the post office where they are assigned to. As custodians, they should be able to operate power tools and equipment and should be able to work at heights. This includes climbing ladders, walkways, scaffolds, and similar areas. Lifting and carrying objects 45 pounds or heavier is also part of the job.

Preference eligible military veterans who apply for postal custodial maintenance jobs need to take postal exam 916 which basically consists of four sections: 1) Vocabulary and Reading; 2) Basic Safety; 3) General Cleaning; and 4) Following Written Instructions. Now if you pass the postal exam 916, you enjoy the privilege of having 5 to 10 points added to your test score. Remember that these are preference points when you pass. Thus, if you fail the test, you don’t get these points added to make your score eligible for the next step in the postal hiring process.

You can ask the US Postal Service or the US Department of Veterans Affairs how many preference points you are eligible for. But generally, you receive 10 points if you have been honorably separated from service and have a disability-rating connected to your service of at least 30 percent or honorably separated and have a service related disability rating of 10 to 30 percent. You may also receive 10 points if you are a Purple Heart recipient and are honorably separated qualifying as a disabled veteran because you served on active duty in the Armed Forces at any time, and have a present service-connected disability or are receiving compensation, disability retirement benefits, or pension from the military or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, but do not qualify for the previously-described 10 point entitlements. Spouses, widows or widowers, and mothers of disabled veterans may also receive 10 points. Other veterans may receive only 5 preference points.

As you can see, passing your postal exam 916 is a must if you want to enjoy the additional veterans’ preference eligible points. Preparing well-before the exam date should help you obtain that US postal career which will give you and your family job stability and a comprehensive pay and benefits package. Good luck!


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