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USPS Personnel Processing Associate: Job Description

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Mail delivery is not the only thing that postal workers concern themselves with. Other departments of the US Postal Service are responsible for the transportation/network operations; administrative tasks; and the management of postal personnel. If you are interested in working for the USPS in the area of human resources, you can apply as a personnel processing associate. This is a temporary position which pays $16 per hour but carries no benefits.

As a Personnel Processing Associate, your main task is to perform basic staff work to support personnel transactions and call center activities. Areas where you will be doing work on include personnel actions; compensation and benefits; selection; job bidding; reassignments; staffing and/or complement management. You will be tasked to research and resolve issues that have to do with activities and programs related to personnel.

It is your duty to process, update, and maintain personnel transactions to support human resources programs of the particular USPS facility where you are assigned to. You will also be responsible for giving information, guidance, assistance, and instruction to USPS employees on matters pertaining to human resources in a call center environment. You will maintain data of all personnel and will be asked to prepare reports and other routine correspondence.

To be able to do this job, you need to demonstrate that you can key data on a computer terminal at a rate of 25 correct lines in a span of 5 minutes. Thus, you will need take and pass the low standard of postal exam 714.

You should have sufficient knowledge of computer systems to be able to enter, query, and retrieve data and information. You should also know the policies, procedures, and regulations on processing personnel actions. Maintaining records and preparing reports, researching solutions to problems; and having the ability to communicate well are abilities that the successful candidate that the USPS is looking for. You should know how to look for source materials to solve problems and be able to answer phone calls and respond to requests for personnel information.

Only U.S. citizens or those who have permanent resident alien status are eligible to apply for this position. Before one can be hired for this postal job, the qualified applicant must pass a pre-employment drug screening and other background checks.

To apply for this position, go to the USPS employment website ( and build your Candidate Profile first. Once you have done so, you can apply to be a Personnel Processing Associate.


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