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USPS Employment Opportunities: Where to Look for Job Announcements

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There are definitely a whole lot of reasons for wanting to work with the United States Postal Service. Pay is higher than average for starters. But aside from basic pay, regular salary increases are guaranteed and there is overtime pay, night shift differential, and Sunday premium pay.

The comprehensive benefits package offered is also quite amazing. Career-track employees are covered by the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program where most of the cost is shouldered by the Postal Service. They also have generous retirement plans and can contribute to a Thrift Savings Plan similar to a 401k offered by private companies. They also have life insurance and can participate in flexible spending accounts. Even new hires have Social Security and Medicare. Of course, employees enjoy paid leaves and holidays.

Perhaps the best of being a career employee of the USPS is the promise that you cannot be laid off from your job. Since career workers are represented by postal labor unions, they lobby for the rights of postal workers. And one of these is that of being guaranteed a job for life after continuously working for a certain number of years for the Postal Service.

So with all these perks, there is no question about wanting to work for the USPS as far as benefits and job stability goes. But where do you look for USPS employment vacancies? There are actually many places for this but the first place that you should look is the USPS employment website ( Click on the search for career opportunities link and you will be able to check out openings in your state or places near where you live. You can use keywords to further narrow your search.

You can also check out bulletin boards of post offices near you and in buildings that house federal, local, and state offices. There are bound to be announcements not only for jobs in the Postal service but other government jobs as well. You may also try asking your state employment office for postal job vacancies.

Some post offices may also advertise their job openings in radio, newspaper, and television advertisements. The Sunday paper usually have a lot of ads for jobs, including those that involve working for the public sector.

Check out organizations that you are a member of. Women’s organizations, minority or even veterans organizations may also have knowledge of postal employment opportunities. Network with friends or people who you know have worked with the USPS or know someone who does. They may be able to give you insider information about jobs that have not been advertised but are currently open.

Good luck in your search!


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