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USPS City Carrier: Duties and Responsibilities

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Among the various postal worker positions that are available to those interested in working for the United States Postal Service, the most popular has to be that of a city carrier. Perhaps one reason for this is because mail carriers represent the USPS. They represent the institution as they pick up and deliver mail to homes and establishments. They can’t be missed as they walk or drive around neighborhoods with their bags full of mail wearing their USPS uniform.

City carriers are full time positions where a competitive pay and benefits package await successful hires. Like other entry-level career positions with the USPS, however, you need to pass the postal exam 473-e with flying colors to be considered for this position. So what are the duties and responsibilities of a city carrier?

In general, they are tasked with the delivery of mail on foot or by vehicle and maintain effective customer service relations with their clients, coworkers, and others. They know the postal rules, regulations, and procedures, and even the geography of the area that they are assigned to.

To be more specific, USPS mail carriers perform various tasks. According to the USPS job announcement for this position, the following are the specific duties and responsibilities of a city carrier:

  1. Routes or cases all classes of mail in sequence of delivery along an established route. Rearranges and relabels cases as required.
  2. Withdraws mail from the distribution case and prepares it in sequence for efficient delivery by himself or a substitute along an established route. Prepares and separates all classes of mail to be carried by truck to relay boxes along route for subsequent delivery.
  3. Handles undeliverable mail in accordance with established procedures.
  4. Delivers mail along a prescribed route, on foot or by vehicle, on a regular schedule, picking up additional mail from relay boxes as needed. Collects mail from street letter boxes and accepts letters from mailing from customers; on certain routes may deliver mail that consists exclusively of parcel post, or the collection of mail.
  5. Uses portable electronic scanner as instructed.
  6. Delivers and collects charges on customs, postage-due, and c.o.d. mail matter. Delivers and obtains receipts for registered and certain insured mail. Signs for such matter, except insured mail, at the post office before beginning route and accounts for it upon return by payments of the amounts collected and delivery of receipts taken.
  7. Deposits in the post office mail collected on the route upon returning from the route.
  8. Checks, and corrects if necessary, mailing cards from advertisers bearing names and addresses of customers or former customers on the route.
  9. Furnishes customers with postal information and provides change of address cards and other postal forms as needed.
  10. Reports to supervisor all unusual incidents or conditions relating to mail delivery, including condition of street letter boxes and centralized delivery equipment.
  11. Becomes proficient, when assigned to a route, in the casing of mail on other routes as assigned.
  12. Works professionally with other employees in the office.
  13. May as a substitute carrier, perform clerical duties and be required to pass examinations on scheme of city primary distribution.
  14. In addition, may perform any of the following duties: check hotels and other establishments to ensure that mail for residents undeliverable as addressed is not improperly held; deliver stamps or other paper supplies to contract or classified stations and other designated delivery points; serves at carriers’ delivery window; receive and register where practical, all letters and packages of first-class matter properly offered for registration; case mail and make deliveries on other routes as assigned.


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