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USPS City Carrier Assistant: Job Description

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If you’re looking for opportunities to work for the U.S. Postal Service, one position that you might want to check out is that of a City Carrier Assistant. It is a non-career position although there are limited benefits after your first 360-day term which can include raises, paid vacation days, and access to health insurance as required by law. It pays $15 per hour and you may be called to work on various days of the week, including Sundays and holidays.

As a City Carrier Assistant, your main task is to deliver and collect mail on foot or by vehicle in a certain area in all kinds of road and weather conditions. If you are required to drive, one of the requirements is that you must have at least two years of documented driving experience. This position also requires you to be familiar with postal laws, regulations, products, and the geography of the area. As a postal employee in this capacity, you should maintain professional and effective public relations with customers and others.

Your duties include: 1) Routing or casing mail in sequence of delivery along an established route; 2) Withdrawing mail from the distribution case and preparing it so that the it can be efficiently delivered by you or another carrier; 3) Preparing and separating all classes of mail to be carried by truck to relay boxes along a delivery route; 4) Handling undeliverable mail following established procedures; 5) Delivering mail by foot or vehicle, picking up mail from relay boxes; and collecting mail from street letter boxes and accepting letters from customers for mailing; 6) Using portable electronic scanner as instructed; 7) Delivering and collecting charges on customs, postage-due, and C.O.D. mail matters and signing for them; 8) Depositing in the post office mail on the route upon returning from the route; 9) Checking mailing cards from advertisers; and 10) Giving customers with postal information and change of address cards and other postal forms.

A City Carrier Assistant is also expected to report to his or her supervisor all unusual incidents or conditions that relate to mail delivery: e.g. condition of street letter boxes and centralized delivery equipment. He or she is expected to become proficient in the casing of mail on other routes where assigned. The City Carrier Assistant is also expected to work professionally with other postal employees. Finally, the Assistant is also expected to perform clerical work and other duties as assigned.

All applicants for the City Carrier Assistant position are required to pass the postal exam 473, an aptitude test that will check an applicant’s ability to check addresses, complete forms, and code and memorize. Information regarding this postal battery test will be sent to you once you have created your Candidate profile in the USPS website and applied for the job online.


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