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USPS Casual Jobs: What you need to Know

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The US Postal Service is perhaps one of the most extracting jobs as far as deadlines are concerned. Mail comes in everyday and has to be delivered six times a week. Thus, at certain times of the year, when letters and parcels come in tons, the USPS often has no recourse except to open casual jobs for letter carriers, mail handlers, clerks, and pretty much other positions in the USPS. The need for temporary or seasonal postal workers is usually high during the holiday season when the frenzy of gift-giving grips the nation by storm.

If you’re thinking of making some extra money on the side, USPS casual jobs will help you do just that. Depending on the position, you could earn anywhere from less than $10 to a little more than $20 per hour. These temporary postal service jobs are usually only for 89 days; unless you do something that would get you fired earlier.

Aside from helping you increase your income, casual jobs are easier to qualify for since prospective candidates do not have to take a rigorous postal exam to get to the next step of the hiring process. One requirement that most casual USPS positions have is that applicants must live 50 miles from the post office where you will be assigned in which helps you save on gas.

The catch is: Even temporary postal workers still have to pass the necessary interviews and background screenings before they can be hired. If there are only a limited number of slots for a particular casual position then you will have to do your best to impress the postmaster during the interview. Of course, you should be able to satisfy the basic requirements if you want to be a postal worker. You should be at least 18 years old, a U.S. citizen, and have an employment history for the past 7 years, among others.

However, casual postal workers are not considered career employees and therefore are not entitled to the benefits given to regular career-track employees. That means they only receive their wages and don’t receive health and life insurance plans, retirement benefits, and other perks. You will essentially be doing all the things that regular employees will be doing but not have the “extras” that they are getting.

Still, casual USPS jobs are a good starting point if you’re considering a postal career. You can learn everything you can about the job and when there are openings for regular positions, you can apply so you can take the test. If you obtain an excellent score in the postal exam and get lucky enough to be called in for an interview, there’s a very high chance that the postmaster will choose you because you already know the job.


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