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US Postal Service Workers: How to Avoid Getting Reported

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US Postal Service workers are expected to perform their jobs well. Letter carriers are especially tasked with the very important responsibility of getting mail and parcels to their intended recipients. Other mail workers ensure that mail gets sorted and organized before it reaches the different carriers who bring them to their routes. Other positions provide the necessary support and logistical operations to get the job done.

The road to a US Postal Service position is not a walk in the park. You got to where you are now through sheer determination, patience, and grit. Scoring high in the necessary postal battery exam that you had to take and getting placed on top of the list among thousands of applicants for this same position was no easy feat. Certainly, you don’t want to lose the comprehensive pay and benefits package that you are now enjoying by getting relieved from your job because of a customer complaint. Satisfying your clients is always paramount. The US Postal Service location you are assigned to do not matter. Whether you hold postal jobs in California, Ohio, or Indiana, what’s important is to provide good customer service. Here are some things to consider so you can avoid getting reported:

Learn as much as you can from your training and orientation. Before you start your official duties, the USPS will provide you with the necessary training so you know what is expected of you. Absorb as much as you can from these days, ask questions if something is confusing for you, and be sure to apply what you have learned when you have started your postal career. By taking your orientation seriously, you know what the rules are and the behavior and conduct that is expected of you as a USPS employee.

Always seek to provide the best customer service. While you may be harassed at the tons of mail that you have to sort, organize, or deliver, always make it a point to give clients a smile or a friendly greeting. Whether you’re assigned to the post office selling postage stamps or other products or on your assigned delivery route, remember that interacting with clients in positively is one of the joys of the job-and one sure way to prevent complaints. While it may be absolutely challenging at first, getting to know the people in your route by name, will surely endear you to their hearts even more!

Don’t go postal-even slightly. The term “going postal” has been used in American slang to describe someone who has become uncontrollably angry, often to the point of violence. This is derived from a series of incidents where USPS workers shot and killed colleagues, managers, and members of the public in cases of workplace rage. Of course, the USPS does not approve of the use of this phrase. But if you go even the slightest bit postal, it’s your work on the line.


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