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US Postal Service Battery Test Guidelines

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Any of the United States Postal Service battery tests are bound to be challenging. Whether you intend to take postal exam 473-e, postal exam 955, or any other postal battery test, you can expect to be drained after the test. Most of these tests are under very strict time pressure and there is no way that you can ask the proctor to extend the testing hours for you. A clear knowledge of what you can expect of the test is a very crucial part of passing any postal battery exam.

It’s important to understand that postal test 473 is not anymore a pencil and paper test. It is now test 473e, an electronic test that you will need to take at a supervised testing site using a computer. So if you’re not too comfortable facing a screen while taking any test, it’s about time that you get used to it. As much as possible, do online practice drills so you get used to clicking on an answer instead of shading it the way previous test-takers did.

Be mindful of the time limitations and always pace yourself when answering the questions. This means not staying too long “in many cases more than a few seconds” on one number. If you can’t figure out an item, proceed to the next and if you have time, go back to the previous number.

Do not guess. Parts A and C of the postal battery exam 473e penalizes you for wrong answers, so unless you’re really certain about an item, don’t risk it. In Part B, it will be to your advantage if you guess since no deductions are made and you stand a chance of earning more points if you answer every question. If you’re taking some other postal battery test, search if there are penalties for wrong answers. You can ask the friendly postal workers from your local post office about it or you can research about it online.

If the test you’re taking is an aptitude test then you can’t expect to pass it by trying to “guess” at the correct answer. Exams like these are given a numerical score but the USPS will not reveal how the scoring is done. More importantly, they have built-in checks that will reveal inconsistencies in your profile if you attempt to “out-psyche” the test. The best strategy here would be to answer all items consistently. If there are situational questions which you have not encountered before, try to draw from a similar experience so you can give the best answer

Finally, always follow what the test supervisor says. Don’t begin until he or she says that you may do so. If the supervisor says “stop” then you should stop. And whatever you do, don’t even attempt to cheat. That will only disqualify you and imperil your chances of getting a Postal Service job.


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