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Completing a U.S. Postal Service application takes time and effort. To maximize your chances of proceeding to the next step of the USPS hiring process, you need to see to it that you answer the questions asked of you, type in all the information in the required fields, and proofread everything before submitting it. Not doing so could be detrimental to your chances of getting a USPS job as the hiring authorities could end up not considering your application.

Equally important to the “meat” of your application is the “technical” aspect. Unless you are able to complete your application, allow the hiring managers to see it, and submit your credentials successfully, your efforts to apply will have come to naught. We will tackle those issues in this post.

Before we proceed, it’s essential for you to remember that you will need to complete a Candidate Profile to be able to apply for applications. You will need to complete another profile when you apply for a position. The tabs are meant to determine if you have what it takes to do the job successfully and are thus meant to be specific to the job. The Candidate Profile, meanwhile, is more general and the information found therein can be used for other jobs as well.

With the online application system of the USPS, you can submit as many applications as you want. However, you must finish one application and send it before moving on to the next. If you are not able to finish or submit your application, it will be classified as a draft. To submit it, you should ensure that you have checked all the required boxes. You should also confirm that you are going to submit the application by going to the Send Application tab. There will be a warning message that will appear on your screen in case you fail to fill in other required information. You have to go back to that part, complete the information, and submit your application again.

You should get a notification in your email that your application was received by the appropriate USPS personnel. In case you did not, you should check your Candidate Profile and Application again. You may have provided the wrong address or your email provider classified the message as a spam and did not have the mail delivered or directed it to your spam folder. Another possibility could be that you did not check all the boxes and was unable to send it.

Finally, make sure that you unlock your Candidate Profile before you submit your application. When your profile is “locked” the Postal Service recruiters who are looking for applicants for particular vacancies will not be able see it. You should check the “Release my Profile” box on the “Send Application” tab or on the “Review and Release” tab found on your Candidate Profile.


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