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Uniforms of the USPS Postal Workers

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A certain sense of pride is felt when one wears a uniform to signify a profession and the same holds true for those who work for the United States Postal Service or USPS. Aside from their very ubiquitous mailbags, postal workers are identified by their postal navy blue outfits with vertical corporate emblems when on duty.

City letter carriers, clerks or special delivery messengers, and other postal workers wear USPS uniforms for four very important reasons. According to the USPS, these are: 1) To provide immediate visual identification with the Postal Service to the public; 2) To project an appearance to the public that is neat, professional, and pleasing; 3) To help develop in the employee a feeling of esprit de corps; and 4) To meet standard professional practices (doctors, nurses, etc.).

Depending on a postal employee’s position, there are authorized uniform items for both male and female workers. Some of these include a parka, bomber jacket, shirt, tie, trousers, walking shorts, socks, caps or headgear, and others. A complete list of the types of uniforms worn by USPS postal workers as well as their descriptions can be found in manual 933 at The USPS either provides uniform allowances to buy the prescribed attire or furnish the items right away to the postal service employees who are required to wear uniforms.

But wearing the proper attire is not enough. It is the responsibility postal workers to ensure that they are neat, clean, and well-groomed. As such, they must see to it that their garments fit well and are still in serviceable condition. In the words of the USPS, doing so allows USPS workers to “[represent] to the public the best tradition of service and efficiency while performing their official duties.”

Uniforms are worn only when a postal worker is on duty or when performing his or her activities related to his or her employment with the USPS. However, a postmaster may give special authorization to postal workers to let them wear postal uniforms “for activities in which the Postal Service participates, or which it sponsors, where identification with the Postal Service is beneficial to the Service, and while the employee is traveling directly to and from work.” Postal service attires must never be worn in activities that are not related to activities not sanctioned by the USPS.

Like doctors, nurses, and firefighters, US Postal Service uniforms are a badge of honor. Wear it well and take pride in it!


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