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Types of USPS Mechanic Jobs

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The United States Postal Service is not only run by letter carriers and mail handlers. Postal workers also include mechanics as the USPS continues to incorporate technologically-advanced equipment and systems so they can deliver mail more efficiently. For technical maintenance positions, prospective candidates must take postal exam 955, an electronic test which replaced the old postal tests 931, 932, and 933.

The USPS hires Building Equipment Mechanics, Maintenance Mechanics, Electronic Technicians, Area Maintenance Technicians, and Mail Processing Equipment Maintenance Mechanics. If you are interested in having a postal career as a mechanic, read on as we describe these positions in more detail:

Building Equipment Mechanics. One of the most common mechanic jobs in the USPS, building equipment mechanics are responsible for troubleshooting and performing maintenance work on buildings, building equipment, and systems of the USPS. They are also knowledgeable on air conditioning and heating systems as they operate these on a daily basis. As a full time career position, this job comes with a comprehensive pay (starts at $23 an hour) and benefits package.

Maintenance Mechanics. Another mechanic job that is in demand in the USPS is that of maintenance mechanics. They are responsible for doing maintenance and repair of mail processing equipment, customer service and delivery equipment, buildings, and other building equipment. Starting wages are pegged at around $20 an hour. This is also another fulltime position with benefits.

Electronic Technicians. As postal equipment systems and equipment become more technologically advanced, there is a demand for electronic technicians in the USPS. They are tasked with ensuring that the hardware and software of all mail processing, customer service, and building equipment systems are working and functioning as they should. Extensive knowledge in the technical field is required in this position that pays one of the highest starting wages among USPS jobs at around $25 per hour.

Area Maintenance Technicians. The main task of someone in this capacity is the installation, maintenance, repair, removal, and disposal of postal equipment as necessary. They may also move, repair, or install Post Office screen-line equipment, lock boxes, and other furniture. They are usually paid $23 an hour. This position also comes with benefits since it is also a full time job.

Mail Processing Equipment Maintenance Mechanics. When it comes to mail processing equipment, mail processing equipment maintenance mechanics are the go-to guys. They troubleshoot and perform preventive maintenance inspections of the entire system to ensure that these are functioning as they should. Another full time career position with benefits, these mechanics are paid about $23 an hour.


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