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Traits of a USPS Window Clerk

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Of the more than 500,000 career-track employees of the United States Postal Service, around 7 percent are window clerks. They receive a salary of around $50,000 annually in addition to all the benefits that come with the position. Most of the time, a USPS window clerk is assigned, well, window duties. These include selling postal products, assisting customers, and sorting mail.

Because of the mature of their work, window clerks of the Postal Service need to have certain traits to be able to do their job well. Let’s discuss these attitudes in relation to their duties:

Sociable and Friendly. Window clerks are the first line of postal workers that customers see and interact with when they do business at the post office. They buy postage, have their envelopes weighed, and get their questions answered by window clerks. If you are not a people person then you will not thrive in this job as there will be days when you’ll be entertaining a seemingly never-ending line of faces. Questions will get repetitive as well and if you are not naturally sociable and friendly, you will lose your patience at innocent customers who are asking because they don’t really know.

Organized and Methodical. While larger post offices are equipped with automated mail sorting equipment, smaller facilities require window clerks to do the sorting. You have to be organized as this involves separating letters, magazines, newspapers, and parcel post. You also determine if letters and packages are suited for mailing. All this sorting requires you to be methodical and thorough in this work.

Meticulous and Clear-Headed. Window clerks sell stamps and other postal merchandise. They weigh envelopes to determine the proper postage. They make sure that they get the right amount paid for each stamp and that all items are scanned and receipts issued. The Postal Service relies on zero tax dollars for their operations so it is up to all USPS window clerks to make sure that they get properly paid for all the products they sell. If you get easily confused by numbers and receipts then this might not be the job for you. You have to account for everything that you issue and that is why you should never forget to scan and enter every item sold into the system. This includes even one-cent stamps. You need to be meticulous, clear-headed and have a knack for numbers.

Patience. There will be times when the lines are long, when you will meet irate and unreasonable customers, when the same queries will be asked of you over and over again. But since you are the face of the postal service, you need to have the patience to consider these as part and parcel of your job. If you are the type who immediately loses your temper then think twice before applying as a window clerk for the Postal Service.


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