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Tracking and Confirming your USPS Package

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The primary mission of the United States Postal Service is to deliver mail. But as technology evolves, the USPS has found a way to improve the services it gives to its customers. Before the advent of the Internet, mail senders and their intended recipients only had to rely on the USPS to ensure that their letters and parcels are already on the way. Although postal employees were trained to get their deliveries to where they really needed to go, the sender had no way to verifying if indeed their cards, parcels, or other cargo reached their final destination.

Now, the USPS has given its customers the ability to track and confirm their deliveries. One of the tabs in the Quick Tools portion on the left hand portion of the USPS website ( is the Track and Confirm tool. By clicking here, you will be able to input the label or receipt number of up to 10 packages. You can find the receipt number on the bottom of your receipt. It is located after the payment method and the transaction number.

Put in this information into the entry field. Include all letters and numbers that you can find. Be sure to type in everything correctly. If you need to track more than one package delivered through the USPS make sure that you separate them with commas. Press “Find.”

You will then see the status of your mail. Point-by-point tracking is seen for packages and letters shipped through Express Mail. For those who used Delivery Confirmation, Certified Mail, and Registered Mail, you will see when your item went out for delivery.

As the sender, you may also use the USPS Confirmation Services to be able to track the receipt of your mail. You may purchase Delivery Confirmation, use Signature Confirmation, Confirm delivery of Certified Mail, or verify the delivery of your Registered Mail. Recipients, meanwhile, usually cannot track if the packages they are waiting to receive are already on the way since it is usually the sender who has the option to pay for tracking services.

If you are expecting to receive a parcel that you’ve ordered from an online retailer, for example, then you can always remind your neighborhood mailman to keep an eye on it for you. Postal mail carriers are assigned their own delivery routes and look forward to getting to know customers-a lot of them even know their clients by name-and will be happy to oblige for these little favors.


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