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Top 10 Tips for Mentally Preparing Yourself to Pass a Postal Battery Exam

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Set to take up a postal battery test? Then you know just how important mental preparation is to get you psyched up for it. Here are our top 10 tips to get your cerebral juices flowing so you get into the zone on testing day.

  • Acquire all postal exam study guides you need at least 4 weeks before the scheduled date of the assessment. The earlier you can start studying, the more prepared and comfortable you will be when testing day comes.
  • Familiarize yourself with the format, test type, and instructions of the postal service test you will take. Doing so enables you to get into the “heart” of the test. When you take the final test, you don’t have to spend a lot of mental energy on these matters.
  • Set aside a time to study, preferably when you’ll be at your most alert and relaxed state. Keep your postal test study routine regular so you establish a habit and stick to it until two days or so before testing day.
  • Practice the sample tests. The drills that you will find on your postal exam study guide are the closest you can get to the questions on the exam. Work on them as much as you can. If you are done with one book, look for more sources.
  • Simulate the time pressure. Almost all postal battery exams are under intense time pressure. To get a real sense of how you would do during the actual test, practice answering the drills under the same time limitations. Doing so will help you learn to pace as you answer the test questions.
  • Work on your weaknesses. If, after answering the drill questions on postal exam 473 for example, that you find you always do poorly on the Coding and Memory section, strive to improve it. Use memory exercises to improve your grasp of remembering things. Remember, knowing your weakness is a crucial step towards empowering yourself.
  • Get input from others who have already taken the postal exam. This is easier now with the Internet so if you can’t find someone you know, you can always go online and ask your questions in forums and discussion threads. Someone is bound to give you an answer.
  • Free your mind from other worries. Focus on the postal test now. If you have other worries bugging you while you are still preparing for the test, do this exercise: Write them all down on a piece of paper and seal them in an envelope. Promise yourself that you will deal with all these later after the postal test.
  • Do something completely different on the day before the test. Let your mind rest on the day prior to the postal battery test. Do something completely different than your usual mental preparations. Watch a movie, for instance. This will recharge your mind so that you will be ready come testing day.
  • Think positively. Thoughts are very powerful. With this knowledge, you should always make it a point to think positively about the score that you will get in the postal battery test. In the postal test 473e, for example, the minimum score required to pass is 70. Believe that you will get at least a 95 and you’re already halfway there.


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