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Tips for Passing the United States Postal Service Job Interview

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If you were one of those called for a job interview in line with your USPS employment application then congratulations! That means that you were one of those who aced the “postal battery exam” certainly no easy feat. Now that you have been called to participate in the next step of the hiring process then you should also prepare for it. Getting a postal job in a US Postal Service location depends on how well you do in the interview.

First of all, you should prepare yourself for the possible questions that will come up during this time. Most of these will be related to your ability to perform the duties of the job that you applied for as well as your knowledge of the USPS in general. You might be asked the ones we give below or questions similar to it:

  1. How physically fit are you? Will you be able to stand on your feet for long periods of time and/or lift containers that weight up to 70 pounds?
  2. How flexible are you when it comes to work schedules? Are you willing to do overtime work?
  3. Will you be able to follow directions and remember routes?
  4. Can you handle deadlines? What previous work experience did you have where you worked under a tight schedule? How were you able to hack it?
  5. How is your driving record? Do you have driving violations? Have tried driving for a living?

These questions are just a preview of what the panel who will be doing the interviewing might ask you. They might also ask your opinions on the recent events happening in the United States Postal Service. Thus, part of your interview preparation should be to browse through the USPS website ( and read the news and recent articles posted there. While you’re at it, learn all you can about the organization as well. The more knowledge you have about these things, the better prepared you will be for your postal job interview.

On the day of the interview, make sure that you dress appropriately. Do arrive at the interview venue at least half an hour before you’re scheduled to be on the hot seat. This will give you enough time to compose yourself so you can think clearly and answer well during your interview. If you are given hypothetical questions to answer, draw on your past experience to be able to give concrete answers. One last piece of advice when answering your postal interview questions: Be honest.


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