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The Work of a Mail Processing Clerk

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The work of delivering mail is not easy. With the heavy volume of letters and parcels that the US Postal Service receives each day, sorting is a very crucial part of the job. This responsibility falls on the shoulders of mail processing clerks. They use automated mail processing equipment or manual methods to sort and distribute mail.

Mail processing clerks sort outgoing and/or incoming mail. They also load mail onto automated equipment; cull out those items that cannot be processed; enters the sort plan and turn on the equipment; see to it that the mail flows continuously; sweeps separated mail from bins stackers; and stops equipment when the operation is done. It is also the responsibility of the clerk to run machine reports; clear jams; and contact the maintenance personnel for assistance in case the machine fails.

Part of the job of a mail processing clerk is to ensure that the work area is prepared and that all the support equipment and materials like trays and other containers, are on-hand. After the mail has been sorted, the clerk puts them into the appropriate trays to process them further or to have them dispatched. The supervisors give dispatch schedules and other instructions which mail processing clerks must adhere to. If necessary, the clerk may perform further verification procedures to ensure accuracy.

Aside from the regular duties of sorting mail, the mail processing clerk may also be asked to provide service at the public window for non-financial transactions. They may also be asked to maintain records of mails; examine balances in advance deposit accounts; and record and bill mail requiring special service. In the performance of any work, all postal workers are expected to follow safety procedures and precautions.

Candidates to mail processing clerk positions must take postal exam 473/473-e. They must obtain a passing score (70/100) in this postal exam to be placed in the register of candidates who are eligible to proceed to the next stage of the hiring process. However, only those who have a score in the high nineties (or those who belong to the top of the list of high scorers) are usually called in for an interview.

Mail processing clerks must be physically fit and strong as heavy lifting, carrying, prolonged standing, walking, and reaching are required. They must also be willing to perform repetitive tasks inside a postal facility. If you crave for adventure and the ability to showcase your creative side, then being a mail processing clerk for the US Postal Service is not the job for you.


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