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The USPS Selection Process: Things Applicants Need to Know

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Postal employment jobs are in high-demand because of the various perks enjoyed by postal workers. They are not only paid handsome salaries, they also enjoy a lot of benefits, like stability and generous retirement plans. Despite its fiscal troubles, opportunities still abound for those who would like to work with the USPS.

Candidates for regular career-track postal employment opportunities have to create a Candidate Profile in the USPS online application system. When they have done so, they can start applying for jobs through the system. Once you send your application for a particular vacancy, it will be received by the appropriate hiring authorities. If there is an immediate assessment that needs to be done online or if the hiring officer has a question about your application, you may be contacted immediately. If there is a need to take a rigorous written postal battery exam depending on the postal position you have applied for, you will also be contacted. Most of the communications you receive from USPS will be through email so it is important that you check it often; even your spam folder just to ensure that you get all the details needed about your application.

Because of the various steps involved in the application process on the end of the USPS, it is difficult to say when USPS will email. No specific time period can be set since they receive thousands of applications for particular applications. The best that you can do is to craft your applications very well so as to ensure that you get a better chance of making it to the next step of the selection process.

You can apply for various postal jobs but it is better to study the job posting thoroughly and lodge an application to those which your qualifications and experience best fits. Unlike other companies where your application details such as your resume and other information are kept on file for other positions which you have not applied for, the USPS will not match your profile with its other openings. You must actively search for available job postings and apply to those which you are interested in. You will always have access to your Candidate Profile and the information there will be available for you to use for your other postal job applications. But the active search must come from you.

After you have taken a postal battery test like postal exam 473-e and you pass, you will be placed on the register of eligible applicants. This will be ranked from the highest to the lowest and usually, only those who have received a high score from the list are called for an interview. If you are scheduled for an interview, you will receive a notice via email or get a call from the USPS hiring officer. Do your best so that you’ll find yourself working for the United States Postal Service soon after.


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