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The US Postal Service: Size in Numbers

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We are already living in a world where communication moves faster than ever. Email and social media have made connecting with friends and family no matter where they are in world easier and much less expensive. It has also lessened the use paper as communication becomes electronic. But these technological innovations have not diminished the significance of the United States Postal Service. In fact, it still remains the core of the trillion dollar mailing industry in the country.

Postal workers process an average of 554 million mail pieces each day! that totals to close to 170 billion mail pieces processed in a year. Postal Service employees provide service to the thousands of customers who visit the brick and mortar post offices around the country each day and the 1.2 million online customers who take advantage of the services offered in their website ( The Postal Service Contact Center handles more than 60 million inquiries.

The USPS owns 213,881 vehicles, making it the largest civilian fleet in the world. Using these vehicles, letter carriers and truck drivers drive 1.2 billion miles each year to bring and get letters and parcels from various addresses all over the nation. In 2011, there were 636,530 new delivery points added to the Postal Service network.

Mail is big business, too, despite the financial troubles that the USPS is now experiencing. With 40 percent of the world’s mail volume handled by the Postal Service, this translated to $66 billion in revenues in 2011. Of this, $32.2 billion come from First-Class Mail, $17.8 billion from Advertising, $9 billion from Shipping Services, $1.8 billion from Periodicals, and $1.6 billion from Package Services.

Although there has been a significant drop from the volume of registered mail because of newer and faster modes of communication, the USPS continues to remain an integral part of the life of every American. It connects not only people but businesses to businesses, businesses to homes, and businesses to government agencies as well. To do this, it needs to continue to hire postal personnel. Currently, there are 546,000 career employees of the USPS, not counting the temporary postal workers hired during peak seasons and to relieve the regular personnel when they are on leave.

The USPS is indeed a massive organization that needs personnel so it can do its job effectively. If you are interested in becoming a member of the USPS team, you can start by reading more about careers in the USPS in their website. Click on the “Careers” link at the bottom. You can also search for job opportunities. You need to register and fill out a Candidate Profile if you want to send an application for a Postal Service employment opportunity.


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