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The Postal Exam 473E: A Test of Speed

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The postal battery exam 473-e, the electronic version of the postal test 473 is an aptitude test that all those seeking entry-level career positions with the US Postal Service must take. It is not a test of knowledge but rather an exam that seeks to determine if you have the skills necessary to be able to be a good postal worker. Mail handlers, letter carriers, and similar positions have to take the 473. But more than a test of aptitude, the 473-e is a test of speed.

Why do we say that speed is king in this battery test? If you haven’t seen the time requirements for this test, read on. For Part A on Address Checking, you are required to answer 60 items in 11 minutes. For Part B on Forms Completion, you have 30 items that need to be done in 15 minutes. And the last two sections really top it all: In the Coding section of Part C, you need to answer 36 items in 6 minutes while in the Memory section of Part C, you are also given 36 items which need to be done in 7 minutes.

Although you are not expected to finish all the items in the test within the given time frame, doing so would be to your advantage if you are sure of giving accurate answers in this test. Although the minimum score required to put you in the roster of eligible candidates is only 70/100, you need to get more so that you can be interviewed. In many cases, only individuals with the top three are invited for a federal postal interview and of them only one gets chosen. So you can imagine just how much competition there is for a single job posting for which many will apply for in the USPS website.

But then a word of caution is again in order here: The postal exam 473-e Parts A and C only give credit for right answers. You will get deductions for giving wrong answers. Only Part B does not have this limitation so it would be to your advantage to guess. Still, speed must be combined with accuracy to be able to ace this postal battery exam.

To get yourself up to speed on this test, try to practice using free postal exam practice tests which you can find online. These study guides will help you determine if you are ready to take this challenging test. Work on some memory exercises as well so you will better remember details in the Coding and Memory Section.

The quicker and surer you are of your answers in the postal exam 473, the higher your chances of getting that much sought-after postal job. Good luck!


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