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The Postal Service Test 473 that applicants for entry-level career positions in the United States Postal Service need to take used to be a pencil and paper test. Test-takers shaded the letters of their answer in the answer sheet after reading the question from the test booklet. Now, however, the postal test 473 is given electronically (hence the “” added to the test 473). This means that this exam will be taken via computer in a supervised testing site.

In substance, the Postal Service Test 473e is the same as the 473. It is still composed of three parts: Address Checking, Forms Completion, and Coding and Memory. It also observes the same time limitations. In the Address Checking part, 60 items will need to be answered in 11 minutes; in Forms Completion, 30 questions must be completed in 15 minutes; in the Coding section, 36 items must be answered in 6 minutes; and in the Memory section, another 36 items must be finished in 7 minutes. It is how the test is going to be taken that makes a difference.

Since the 473e is already a computerized exam, postal exam study guides in printed form can only do so much. It can never give the same level of preparation that will help you ace this postal exam. Thus, an interactive, paperless study guide which you can get online enables you to prepare better for this test.

First of all, interactive postal exams help prepare your speed and accuracy for the real test. Taking the drills written on a printed study guide by shading answer sheets is not the same as taking the sample test from an online study guide. The technology itself is different and requires a bit of practice in order to be able to complete the test within the given time frame. Reading from a monitor is different from reading from a test booklet, too, and this takes some getting used to as well.

Another benefit of these online study guides is that you can study them anywhere you have a computer and an internet connection. You don’t have to bring a bulky book with you if you want to review. All you need to do is log in with your username and password and you’ll be given access to the study guide.

Thirdly, online study guides are updated. If you have a printed guide, that means that the drills and other information found there do not yet reflect the changes made when the Postal Service decided to switch to an electronic test. Only an updated electronic study guide will. Thus, it makes more sense to review using an interactive online study guide if you want to pass the 473e with flying colors, get called for an interview, and hopefully, get the postal job you have always dreamed of.


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