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The Huge Cost of Preparing for the Postal Exam Using Obsolete Materials

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Preparing for any postal battery exam? Then you’re probably shopping around for test prep materials that will help you ace the postal test. Whether you are taking the postal exam 473 or 473-e, the postal exam 710, exam 943, postal exam 955, or any other postal battery test for your USA postal job, reviewing the concepts and instructions that you will encounter in the exam will do a great deal towards getting an exceptional score that will get you that USA postal job.

Unfortunately, not all postal battery exam study guides are made alike. A lot of postal exam books sold online and even in bookstores are obsolete. The USPS made reforms in the application and hiring process way back in 2008 rendering most study guides not anymore useful. For example, US postal exams 460, 470, 473, and 473c have been replaced by 473-c the electronic version of the 473 which 90 percent of those who want to get entry-level career positions in the US Postal Service have to take. Postal tests 931, 932, and 933, on the other hand, which all candidates for technical maintenance jobs for the USPS had to take, are all replaced with postal exam 955.

If you are one of those using these obsolete exam materials, then you’re paying dearly for it. Not only will you be familiarizing yourself with the wrong tests and instructions, you will be wasting time reviewing concepts that won’t even be included in the test that you’re going to take.

Another huge drawback of using obsolete review materials is that you won’t be able to maximize your review on the technology that will be used in administering the test. To cite an example, the postal exam 473 used to be a pencil and paper test. However, the new 473-e is taken electronically. If you are not well-versed with how to use a computer or how to read quickly from a computer screen, you could end up answering the questions too slowly which will adversely affect your score.

Remember that securing a position with the federal postal service is a competition. Your score in the postal battery tests will ultimately determine if you are fit to be called for the interview or not. Obsolete postal study guides will cost you not only big bucks (some overcharge for their guides) but that even bigger chance of becoming a US postal worker.

Always use up-to-date postal exam study guides so your chances of becoming a USPS employee will not be jeopardized. Good luck!


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