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The Duties of USPS Mail Handlers

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If you’re interested in a postal worker job but don’t want to go from house-to-house delivering mail, you can apply for US Postal Service job openings which will assign you to work inside the post office. One of these positions is that of being a USPS Mail Handler. Before we proceed to give the job description of this postal position, it’s important to understand the requirements for this position:

You need to be at least 18 years old and a U.S. citizen. You also need to have basic competency in English and if you’re male, you have to be registered with the Selective Service. Like other entry-level US Postal Service positions, you need to take and pass the US postal battery exam 473-e with flying colors in order to get called an interview. You should also pass other background checks, drug screening, and medical assessments before you get the job.

USPS Mail Handlers are those who work behind the scenes in the post office edifices to ready the mail for delivery. They load, unload, sort, and organize mail before it ends up with the USPS carriers whose task it is to bring the letters and parcels to their intended recipients on foot or by car.

They are expected to operate sorting machinery and other types of machinery to help them do their job quickly and more efficiently. They transport mail throughout the building. They need to open and empty mail containers so as to be able to do their sorting jobs and organize mail that needs to be delivered.

The job of a USPS mail handler requires carrying and lifting packages that can reach up to 70 pounds in weight. As such, anyone who wishes to work in this capacity must be physically fit. He or she should have upper body strength and balance. Handlers are also expected to stand and sit for long hours so you should be comfortable in these positions.

The work of a US mail handler also tends to be routinary. If you’re someone who constantly seeks new adventures then this job will not probably appeal to you as the duties are repetitive. There is a short learning curve where you have to master the use of sorting equipment but after you have that down pat then it’s going to be a “day in the job” from there.

If the duties of a mail handler appeal to you then you can find job openings in the USPS website ( Click on the Careers link at the bottom so you can create your profile and apply for an opening online.


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