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Strategies to Follow for Part C of the Postal Exam 473-E

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Anyone who wishes to get into the USPS to start a postal career will need to take the postal exam battery 473e test. It is a computerized test now which is composed of three sections. Part A is on Address Checking, Part B on Forms Completion, and Part C on Coding and Memory. While the entire postal exam is time-pressured, the most intense has to be the last part where you are only given 6 minutes to answer 36 items and another 7 minutes to answer 36 more items.

While you are not expected to answer all questions in this 473-e test, familiarizing yourself with a few strategies will help you get the most correct answers so you can get a higher score. Here are some ways to help you achieve that end:

First, learn to pace yourself. You cannot stay too long in one question. For the Memory test where you will have to code from memory, try accomplishing this in 3 minutes. Use another 2 minutes to answer and the remaining 2 minutes you have to review your answers. This might seem impossible at first but by practicing association techniques and reviewing using online practice exams then you can better build up your time and accuracy.

Second, make the most use of the given 5-minute study period to make a simpler code from the one given. When trying to memorize street names, you can simply associate the names and numbers themselves with something that makes them easier to commit to memory. Forget words like Avenue, Street, and Road. After all, you already know that they are always attached to a street name.

Third, try coding all addresses with each name differently. Begin with the names of the street that appear only once in the guide.

Fourth, don’t guess. Remember that this part of the 473-e is a right minus wrong test. Points will be subtracted from the correct answers if you guessed wrongly so unless you can eliminate the wrong choices accurately, it’s better to just leave a number blank. If you have time you can always go back to it later on.

Fifth, focus on the items. Don’t get distracted with other items on the screen or other noise (or the lack of it) while you take the test. In such a time-intensive exam, a second could cost you a point so concentrate on the test items at hand.

The Coding and Memory portions of the postal exam 473-e might be challenging. But by employing the strategies we’ve given above, you should be able to pass it with flying colors. Good luck!


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