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Strategies for Checking Addresses in Postal Exam 473

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Postal exam 473 is the battery test that all applicants wishing to pursue entry-level career track positions with the United States Postal Service must take. It is a grueling exam not because it is inherently difficult but because the time required to finish each part of the test is very short. The items itself are easy,it is the time limitation that is the test-taker’s greatest challenge.

As such, it is always helpful to follow certain strategies when taking postal exam 473. In this post, we tackle the steps that you can take to answer Part A of postal exam 473 successfully.

Part A is Address Checking. In this test, you are given 60 correct addresses to compare with another 60 addresses to see if they are similar and have no errors; if errors can be found in the address only; if errors can be found in the ZIP code only; or if errors are present in both the address and the ZIP code. Since you are given only 11 minutes to compare all 60 addresses, here are some strategies that will help you check these addresses more efficiently.

First, you have to realize that the address and ZIP code given may contain as many as seven parts. These are the number that comes before the street name or the PO box number; the street name; the apartment or suite number if any; the city; the two-letter abbreviation of the state; the five-digit ZIP code; and the four-digit ZIP code extension if there is any.

By knowing the above-information, you get the idea that each address will follow a certain format. As such, you can check each address part by part. For instance, you compare the number that comes before the street name of the address original address to the list to be checked. If all are the same, then you can proceed to the street name and so on.

This process might seem time-consuming for some but on the contrary, it saves you a lot of time. When you see that there is already an error in the address, all you need to know is to compare the ZIP codes to see if there are errors there. If there are none, then you know that the error lies in the address only. It also minimizes your chances of overlooking errors.

Use your fingers to point out each part of the address. This way, you are certain that you are comparing the same parts and will thus retain your concentration. It also guards against errors.

Make optimal use of study guides for this test. In relevant and quality guides, you will find practice drills that will test your skill in comparing addresses and spotting errors. You can get used to this test by working on these drills.


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