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Steps for Getting a Postal Job without a Postal Exam

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Can you get employed by the United States Postal Service even without taking an exam? The answer is “yes” for as long as you are not looking for a full time career position. Jobs at the USPS which do not require a test are usually temporary or seasonal postal employment opportunities where you only get to work when the regular career employee is not around. Positions which do not require tests are officially termed as Temporary Rural Carrier (TRC) or Postmaster Relief (PMR).

If you’re interested to get these postal jobs minus the rigorous postal exams, then here are the steps to keep in mind:

  • Visit a post office that is within driving distance (say 30 miles or less) from where you live. Talk to the postmaster and ask if he or she has employment opportunities for temporary staff. You’ll usually have more luck getting these jobs during the Christmas season when the USPS naturally hires more seasonal workers to ensure that mail gets delivered on time. If there is no opening in this post office, ask the postmaster if he or she knows other offices that might be hiring. Although you can check the USPS website ( for these positions, there are times when such vacancies are not listed. Being friendly with your local postmaster who can “network” for you in case there is no vacancy in his or her office certainly helps.
  • If there is a vacancy, ask how you can apply. Usually, you will be asked to fill out an application form and submit some documents like a police clearance, resume, and the like. Be sure to submit these as soon as possible.
  • The postmaster will tell you the next step after a review of your qualifications. You’ll usually be asked to undergo a urine drug test; an interview; and a physical exam. The physical exam is not really a physical checkup done by a medical practitioner but more like a written test where you answer certain questions about your health. If any of your answer signifies that you may have a difficult time performing the job of a USPS employee because of a health issue, you will be asked to obtain clearance from your doctor certifying that you can work without any hindrances.
  • Once you are hired, you will be asked to attend paid job orientation training. Experienced postal workers will teach you how to sort and case mail and perform other duties. You will also ride with a supervisor or postmaster on his routes so that you will know how to deliver and pick up mail.
  • You will be given a schedule when the regular carrier takes his or her days off or goes on an emergency leave. That’s when you will start delivering and picking up mail on your own. That’s how you can get a job at the US Postal Service without a postal battery exam.


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