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Now that the Christmas season is already upon us, the US Postal Service is again surely going to be loaded with cards, gifts, and parcels that need to be delivered all over the country. To ensure that these get to their destinations on time, the USPS often hires temporary workers to fill in what is called seasonal postal jobs. Positions available for seasonal workers range from delivery personnel to sorters to desk clerks. Sometimes, seasonal workers take the place of permanent mail carriers who are on vacation.

Applying for seasonal postal jobs can be done either online on the USPS career website or by visiting a local post office directly and filling in an application form. To apply online, you will need to create an eCareer Profile with the USPS website. You also need to have a valid email address where all correspondence will be sent. You can then search for job openings and then apply for them. Take the time to craft your application well so that you will get called for the job.

If you know that your local post office is hiring seasonal workers, you can go there and apply in person. Even they are not posting advertisements for casual or temporary hires, you can ask the postmaster if such positions are available. Summers and holidays are the best times to look for seasonal engagement with the post office since they will be loaded with mail at this time and need more hands.

Seasonal postal workers are also called the supplemental work force of the USPS. The length of service for this work force is two terms of 89 days each in a year. During the holidays, they may get an extension of 21 days of work. Of course, casual workers are paid an hourly wage which is far less than what the regulars are receiving. You also get no benefits. But the application process is easier and most of the time, you don’t need to pass those difficult postal exams to get the position. It’s a good way to earn extra income.

The more forward-looking applicants use seasonal post office jobs to get their foot into the front door for a permanent position. They prove that they are industrious in their jobs as a temporary worker while continuing to apply for full time positions. For as long as they ace the postal exam and get called for an interview, it’s almost a certainty that they will get the job. This is because most of the time, the postmaster will prefer to hire the employee whose track record and performance on the job is already known to them versus another applicant who is still yet to establish his or her abilities and attitude.


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