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Qualities of a US Postal Service Mail Handler

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A mail handler is one of the major entry-level jobs of the United States Postal Service. The main task of someone in this position is to load and unload containers of mail. They work inside a postal facility and transport mail and empty equipment all throughout the building. Part of their job is to open and empty containers and lift and carry containers that can weigh up to 70 pounds. They are also expected to push rolling containers in the performance of their duties.

Before you can be a U.S. Postal Service mail handler, you need to pass the postal exam 473e, an aptitude test that determines your ability to do the job of a postal worker effectively. In case you are able to score high in this battery test, you need to ace the interviews and pass all the background screenings before you can get hired. But just because you were able to ace the test 473e does not automatically mean that you are ready to do the duties of a mail handler. You need to develop certain traits or qualities that will help you succeed in this job. What are these?

Good health. This job involves lifting, carrying, stretching, pushing, and standing on your feet for long periods of time. If you have always been sickly then the day-to-day responsibilities of handling containers of mail may be too much for you. Prepare yourself for the job by improving your nutritional intake “more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains” and exercising regularly to improve muscle tone.

Loves routine. The job description described above will basically make up your workday. From 9 to 5 you can expect to load and unload containers full of mail. If you are the type who craves for new things then you can’t expect to find that as a mail handler. However, if you don’t mind working inside a postal facility doing the same things every day, then you’ve just found your dream job.

Flexible. Mail handlers can sometimes be asked to do other duties in the post office such as distribute parcel post mail requiring no scheme knowledge; weighing of incoming sacks; rewrapping of damaged parcels; operating electric fork lifts; or cleaning work areas. Sometimes, and with the approval of the Chief Postal Inspector, you may also be asked to watch over valuable shipments. You should be willing to perform these tasks when your supervisor asks you to or when you find that these need to be done. Flexibility also entails working overtime when necessary.


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