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To qualify for a regular career-track position for the United States Postal Service, one of the major requirements is passing a written postal battery exam. Your score in the postal test will greatly determine if you are able to make it to the next stage of the hiring process. The most common test, postal exam 473-e, is taken by around 90 percent of applicants seeking career positions as mail handlers, postal clerks, letter carriers, sales associates, distribution associates, and service associates. Because of the popularity of these traditional postal service positions, many study guides have been crafted to help applicants prepare for this test.

But there are also other postal battery exams aside from the 473 that prospective postal workers need to take. These are for the other, less popular, positions within the US Postal Service. For example, those who want to be automotive mechanics or automotive technicians need to take postal exams 943/944. Those who aim for technical maintenance positions like that of building equipment mechanics and maintenance mechanics will have to take postal exam 955. Because these positions are not as popular as the traditional postal employment opportunities, study guides for these tests have not been published.

The question now is: How do you prepare for postal exams if there are no study guides available? First of all, what you have to realize is that job opportunities requiring these tests are those that are specialized. This means that they require extensive experience in the field before you can qualify to be one. Thus, as far as practical experience goes, you are assumed to already have that down pat.

What you do need to review on then is your theoretical knowledge of the subject matter. In all likelihood, you have books of your profession with you. There are also updated versions and other reading materials which you can easily purchase online or in bookstores. Because you already have practical experience of the topics and concepts involved then reviewing is so much easier.

Set regular study hours. Because these postal exams will test your knowledge of the job, setting routine study periods will help make the concepts stick longer. Try to remember how you prepared for a high school or college final or entrance exam and simulate that in your postal preparations. Most people find that regular study hours help greatly.

If you have a friend or a friend of a friend who works in the same capacity as the position you are applying for in the postal service, ask for tips on the types of questions that will come out in the test. You can also search for online discussion forums where members will give you ideas as well.

It is possible to ace a postal exam even without a study guide. Let common sense and your years of experience be your guide when preparing for this postal test.


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