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Postal Workers: Delivering Mail No Matter What

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What can stop postal workers from delivering mail? Nothing, apparently. No matter what the condition is, the USPS sees to it that your letters and parcels reach your door. Take for instance Hurricane Sandy which caused thousands to evacuate, schools to cancel classes, and the stock exchange to close. Despite the dangers and the cold, dedicated Postal Service workers continued with the job that they have been commissioned by Congress to do for the past 237 years: Deliver mail.

It’s a “pride thing” says Darleen Reid, the spokeswoman for the USPS. She adds that delivering mail no matter the weather is not merely a matter of policy but “a credo” and a “part of the fabric of the Postal Service worker.” In fact, Reid says that the USPS has not failed to deliver mail for more than a 24-hour period. Unless it’s really an unconquerable obstacle “such as flood or piles of snow that make the streets impassable” dedicated letter carriers will continue to perform their duties.

Not even terrorist attacks can cause the USPS to stop operations. In 9/11, when the stock exchange had to stop trading for four days, the USPS rebounded in less than a day. Post offices were opened and work resumed despite the shock that still enveloped the whole nation. This was one way that the USPS did its share in helping the community return to a state of normalcy.

The act of delivering mail is indeed taken seriously by postal service employees. And in the course of performing their jobs, they become heroes as well. Each year, they risk their own safety to save the lives of postal customers. In 2011, there were 331 employee heroes recognized by the US Postal Service. When it comes to specific campaigns, the US Postal Inspection Service has launched the “Have You Seen Me?” campaign and has worked together with Valassis and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. As of December 2011, they have returned 151 children to their families.

Postal workers are also heroes for health. Nearly 57,000 postal employees and their families have joined the donor registry of the National Marrow Donor Program and Be the Match Foundation created by Delivering the Gift of Life campaign since it started 15 years ago. The USPS has also raised close to $74 million for breast cancer research through the sales of their Breast Cancer Research semi-postal stamps. In May, the Postal Service supports the National Dog Bite Prevention Week, a public safety campaign that aims to build awareness about animal attacks.

If you want to be a part of the organization that values social responsibility and community then the United States Postal Service might just be the place for you. But you have to be committed to do your job no matter what.


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