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Despite the financial challenges, job cuts, and post office closures that the USPS is experiencing now, the Postal Service is still hiring. If you do an unrestricted search on the USPS job opportunities on their website (, you will find openings for rural carrier associates, post office clerks, postmaster relief/replacement, and city carriers in various US Postal Service locations nationwide. Thus, there are postal jobs in Nebraska, postal jobs in Ohio, postal jobs in New York, and other locations nationwide.

This isn’t surprising. After all, even if there is a decline in first-class mail due to email and other electronic means of communication, parcels and documents will still have to be delivered. In addition, U.S. Mail also caters to advertising mail, shipping services, and periodicals. Thus, the USPS still continues to serve its postal customers and deliver tons of mail six days a week, processing mail at the rate of 6,400 per second. Mail is big business and to keep it running, it needs postal workers.

To become considered for postal service jobs, you will first have to search for postal employment opportunities in the USPS website. Once you have done so and have found the postal job you like, you can create an eCareer Profile to begin the application process. You might be required to take a Personality Test after you have lodged your profile. If the postal opportunity will require you to take a postal battery exam (e.g. postal exam 473, postal exam 955, postal exam 710, among others) you will be sent the necessary information by mail.

We cannot overemphasize the importance of getting a high score in the postal service tests. Even if you can get the minimum score (70 for postal test 473-e), it might not be enough to move you forward. Since these exams are very competitive, you will have to get a very high score “preferably a score that will land you in the top 3” in the test to get a shot at an interview.

But here’s good news if you want to get a post office job the easy way; that is, without an exam. You can apply as a seasonal postal worker. You will still have to apply and pass the other background checks before you get the job. But if you are only looking for extra income then this will be a more convenient way to get into the USPS. If you are really intent on pursuing a postal career, you can learn all you can during your temporary stint so that when a career-track opening comes up, you can apply, ace the postal test, and become a regular career employee entitled to all benefits.


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