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There are employment opportunities for those looking for postal jobs in Illinois. Most of the openings as of this writing are for City Carrier Assistants but various post offices are also hiring Rural Carrier Associates, Casual Mail Handler, Post Office Clerk, and PSE Custodian. Facilities which are looking for postal workers include offices in the 605, 613, 617, 614, and 615 Zip Code areas; those in Springfield, Belleville, Flora, Leaf River, Peoria, and Arlington Heights.

City Carrier Assistants (CCA) are non-career positions which might lead to full time career positions. It pays $15 per hour and only gives limited benefits like paid vacation days and access to health insurance. Prospective CCAs must live within 50 miles of the posted Zip Code areas to be eligible since the work is performed in the facility and applicants must be present for all the screenings and interviews. You need to ace the postal exam 473 to move to the next step of the hiring process. The task of a CCA is to deliver and collect mail on foot or by vehicle.

Rural Carrier Associates fill in for the Career Rural Carrier on as needed basis. The main task is to case, deliver, and collect mail along a prescribed route using a vehicle. This position pays a salary of $15.56 per hour and gives no benefits. RCAs are usually required to use their own vehicles to get the job done but they are given an equipment maintenance allowance. A major requirement that applicants for RCA positions must meet is a safe driving record and two years of documented driving experience.

Casual Mail Handlers perform mail handling, mail processing, mail delivery, mail collection, mail transportation, and/or custodial functions on a supplemental basis. It is not a career position and only pays $9 an hour but is one of the best ways to get a job in the Postal Service without having to take a highly competitive test.

Post Office Clerks basically perform supervisory, window, box, and delivery in various routes when the Postmaster is not available. While this is a non-career position with a starting pay of $12.63 per hour, limited benefits like paid vacation days and health insurance coverage after the first 360-day term are given. If you want to make it as far as the interview, you need to successfully pass and obtain a high score in the postal service battery test 473 which will be given at the contract facility. Details will be given via email as soon as you submit your application online.

A Custodian performs a variety of laboring and tasks for the postal facility and its grounds. These include tending lawns, moving and assembling furniture, removing trash, and stacking supplies. Veteran Preference eligible applicants will receive priority consideration for this position.


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