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Postal Exam Study Guides: Making the Best Use of them

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The postal battery exam is one of the most difficult tests that anyone can take because of the time limitations and rigid scoring involved. Thus, preparation is essential if you want to get a high-enough score-more than the minimum 70 that’s required-that will get you that shot at a federal postal interview. One of the ways to ready yourself for any postal battery exam is to use postal exam study guides that you can find from bookstores, online, the USPS website, and other sources.

But you are treading on tricky waters here. There are many obsolete postal guides that are proliferating in the country today and using them will be to your disadvantage. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission has warned against the many unscrupulous individuals who try to sell you these guides so they can make a quick buck. Because they are out-of-date, they are pretty much useless.

The USPS has an Orientation Guide for the Postal Exam 473 which is one of the best sources of information for this test. It provides a detailed overview of everything about the postal test. Like this and other free postal exam practice tests, you can glean valuable information from them so as to be able to ace the postal exam. But just how do you make the best use of them?

First of all, you have to realize that the postal battery exam 473 is not a test of facts. It is an entry-level examination that looks at the general aptitude and/or characteristics of a USPS candidate. Since you’re not going to memorize facts-the codes which you need to memorize are given to you-then it’s not worth taking the time to commit to memory the information which you can find in the practice tests.

Second, you can make the best use of a postal study guide by knowing the test parts and instructions by heart. The three parts of the 473-e (Address Checking, Forms Completion, and Coding and Memory) are going to be the same when you take the actual test. So it’s a good idea to really understand how they work and what you’re supposed to do.

Finally, prepare for the exam by setting a regular study schedule. By practicing your speed on the sample exam questions you will be better able to pace your timing well on the actual test. Do online practice tests since the 473-e is going to be done on the computer. While you might be able to get the same items in a paper book review, there is a huge difference when you take the actual test facing a computer screen. You can maximize your review by using an electronic postal exam study guide.


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