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Postal Exam 943: An Introduction

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If you want to apply for postal service jobs to become an automotive mechanic for the USPS, you need to take postal exam 943. With over 200,000 vehicles needed for the successful delivery of mails and parcels all over the nation, the US Postal Service needs to have auto mechanics in its workforce. Automotive mechanics are tasked with the maintenance and repairs of these vehicles so that they will continue to convey mail carriers to the locations where they need to deliver the parcels. The salary of an automotive mechanic is in the vicinity of $19 per hour.

Closely related to postal exam 943 is postal exam 944. The latter is taken by those who are looking to become automotive technicians for the US Postal Service. Technicians are tasked with more complicated kinds of repair work. Thus, they are required to take not only postal exam 943 but exam 944 which is reputed to be more difficult. They receive an hourly wage of a little over $20. Take note, however, that there are full-time career positions for both automotive mechanics and technicians where they enjoy a comprehensive pay and benefits package.

Before you contemplate applying for these positions with the USPS, be warned that you need to be a well-experienced mechanic or technician with many years of experience under your belt to be able to pass these exams. Postal exam 943 is said to cover basic automotive skills but feedback from those who have already taken the test before say that your real life work experience will really come into play in order for you to get a high score.

To make things even more challenging for test takers, there is no one study guide that can cover all the topics that will come out in the test. Thus, you are going to have to be more resourceful if you want to do a comprehensive review. In addition to the knowledge you have gained on the job, you may also look at auto repair books available in bookstores or online. Familiarize yourself with as many topics as you can so that you have a well-rounded knowledge of the topics that will likely to be covered in the test. Admittedly, exams 943 and 944 are challenging compared to other US postal exams. But if you have done your job for a long time and supplement your practical knowledge with reviews of recently-published auto repair books then you should be able to hack it.


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