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Postal Exam 473E: Why You Shouldn’t Use Traditional Study Strategies

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When it comes to preparing for postal exam 473e, using the traditional study strategies just won’t do. To understand a passage, for example, the proven method introduced by Francis Pleasant Robinson in 1946 known as the SQ3R method won’t be of much use in the postal battery text 473e. SQ3R stands for survey, question, read, recite, and review.

You see, the postal test 473 which most applicants for postal jobs must take, is not a test of facts. You won’t find a lot of opportunities to read or understand paragraphs here. Rather, the 473e is an aptitude test. It is crafted so as to check if an applicant has the skills and potential to do the functions of a postal service job well. Instead of studying the way you would for a major school exam, the best approach is to prepare for it by customizing your study methods to suit how this test is administered.

You have to realize that the postal exam 473e contains three main parts:Address Checking, Forms Completion, and Coding and Memory. In all these three portions, you need to be very mindful about the time requirement because you can only answer the questions within the time limitations. In the Address Checking part, you are given 60 questions to complete in 11 minutes while in the Forms Completion test, you need to answer 30 questions in 15 minutes. In the Coding section, you have finish 36 questions in 6 minutes and in the Memory part, you have 7 minutes to code 36 items.

With this knowledge, how should you study so you can get more than the minimum required score of 70 for this postal exam? For starters, you should prepare with speed in mind. And to be able to do this, you need to practice using those postal drills found in postal exam study guides. Use the exercises to increase your speed level when doing the three types of test in this exam. Use the exercises to increase your speed level when doing the three types of test in this exam. The more drills you do, the more of an “expert” you become in the sense that you know how to tackle the test without letting the time restrictions intimidate you.

You should study for accuracy. No matter how quickly you are able to finish answering all the items, your speed will count for nothing if all your answers are wrong. To do this, you have to train your eye to be quick when it comes to spotting errors. In the part where you compare addresses against a list to be checked, for example, doing it chunk by chunk reduces the possibility of errors than reading the entire address.

The postal exam 473-e is inherently very simple. Tailor-fit your studies to the types of test you will find there and you will ace it with flying colors.


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