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Postal Exam 473 Part A (Address Checking): Errors to Look for

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In Postal Exam 473 Part A on Address Checking, you will be given 60 addresses and ZIP codes which are correct. To the right, you will be given another set of 60 addresses and ZIP codes. The addresses on the List to be Checked should be similar to the ones on the left but some of the addresses on the right may contain errors. You need to study both addresses and choose from the four answer choices given. These are “No Errors” errors in “Address Only” errors in “ZIP Code” only, and errors in both the Address and the ZIP Code.

While Part A may seem simple, take note that you are given only 11 minutes to do your comparisons. Thus, it is important to first understand the key features for the addresses that are given. First of all, names of the states are always given in their abbreviated form that is it will come in two letters. You will also find four or five digits for the ZIP codes. The addresses given will usually refer to street names but you will find some PO Box numbers as well. Some will even include suite or apartment number units. You will not also find foreign addresses in this test.

So what errors should you be on the lookout for when accomplishing Part A? First of all, spot obvious misspellings and changes in street names and types. For instance, if the address on the right is Fairfield and the one on the left is Fairway then that is considered an error. Another error is when the address on the left is Fairfield Avenue and the one on the right is Fairfield Road. Changing abbreviations is also considered an error” e.g. Fairfield Suite to Fairfield Ste.

Look at the spellings of the cities and states since there might be a minor tweak in the spelling in the List to be Checked that will render it wrong. For example, Minneapolis might be spelled as Mineapolis or Ann Arbor as Anne Arbor, and if you won’t look at the items well, you might be inclined to answer “No error” in the choices.

Be very careful when it comes to comparing numbers on the list of addresses to the left on the list to be checked. Switching two digits in the address or the ZIP code is quite common and you have to be very quick in spotting these errors. For instance, you hardly notice the difference in 11800 and 18100 until you take a closer look. In the same vein, you might think that you are seeing the same numbers in 11800 and 1180 until you realize that there is one zero missing in the second ZIP code.

Punctuation, capitalization, and incorrect ZIP codes are errors that you do not need to worry yourself about. You won’t find any of these so you should not waste time looking for these types of errors in Part A of the postal exam 473.


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