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Postal Exam 473-E: Study Smart Tips

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Postal exam 473-e is the most common test that all prospective postal workers must take. From mail handlers to letter carriers to postal clerks to sales associates around 90 percent of employment opportunities will require candidates to take test 473-e. If you are not yet familiar with this test, read on. We will give you tips to help you study smarter, not harder, for this crucial exam.

The postal battery exam 473-e is an aptitude test, not a knowledge-based exam. Unlike history or math tests, there are no facts or formulas to memorize. Rather, it is a test that will check if you have what it takes to perform the daily tasks done by a postal worker. Thus, it is comprised of three parts. Part A is on Address Checking, Part B is Forms Completion, and Part C is Coding and Memory. All parts are under time pressure and to add to the challenge, you get deductions from your score if you give wrong answers in Part A and C.

It should be obvious by now that you can’t study hard for this exam. But you can prepare for it smartly. Here are some tips:Study when your physical and mental faculties are ready. Absorption occurs better if you study when you’re not tired or stressed. If you are alert, the directions for each test will stick better. You will also be able to answer the questions faster and with a greater degree of accuracy.Know the directions by heart. Following instructions in this electronic test is crucial to getting a high score. If you want to pass the postal exam 473 with flying colors, research what the exam is all about and what the instructions are. There is a 473 orientation guide which you can download from the USPS website which gives not only directions but sample questions as well. You can also get study guides for this postal battery test online or from your favorite bookstore.Pay particular attention to parts of the exam that you are having difficulty in. If the Coding and Memory tests are your waterloo, then devote more time to their review. You can also practice your memory retention skills by conducting certain mental exercises you can search for these online. If you know that you are going to have a lot of trouble in Forms Completion, try being innovative and pay a visit to your local post office. Ask for copies of forms they use and study them in advance.

You are likely to have a higher score in the postal test 473 by studying the smart way. Remember, it’s not how long you review that counts but how prepared you are for your reviews each time you do so.


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