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Postal Exam 473-E: General Testing Procedures and Rules

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Preparing for the postal exam 473-e is just one part of increasing your chances of passing this test. The other part consists of following the testing procedures and rules at the supervised testing site. This is very important inasmuch as you could get disqualified or expelled for not following the testing procedures and rules that the proctor or exam supervisor will outline in the first 20 minutes of your time in the testing room.

Familiarizing yourself with the general testing procedures is an important part of the physical, emotional, and mental preparations you have to do for the postal exam 473-3. Here are some of the more important points that you have to remember:

First, remember that you and the other test-takers are required to begin the exam at the same time. You should not do so until and unless the test supervisor says that you can start. Beginning ahead of the others can get you disqualified.

Parts A, B, and C are timed. This means that you cannot work on one part of the test if the proctor says that you can only work on one particular part. If you fail to do so and zoom right ahead on the other parts of the test, you will be disqualified for cheating. You can expect the proctor to walk all over the room and take his or her job seriously to ensure that all rules are followed.

Third, you will be allowed to leave the test room to go to the bathroom or have a drink of water or a bite to eat. But it would probably be not in your best interest to do this. The clock for the test will just keep on ticking and if you take too long in the restroom, you will probably just miss an entire part altogether. A better plan is to empty your bladder just before the test begins so that you won’t have to go out during the test. It is also recommended that you eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast so that you won’t waste any time getting something to eat. Remember that speed and accuracy are essential if you want to ace the postal exam 473-e so make the most of the time given you.

Finally, don’t ever cheat. Since the 473-e is an aptitude test, it is very unlikely that you will be able to do so but remember that cheating can come in many forms. For instance, make sure that your eyes are only focused on your own computer screen. Looking at another test-taker’s screen may be construed as cheating by the proctor. Telling another test-taker an answer is also cheating.


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