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Postal Battery Exam 473: Tips for Reducing Errors

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The postal batter exam 473/473-e is one of the most common tests of the US Postal Service. This is because around 90 percent of the entry-level career positions require that this aptitude test be taken by potential candidates. Although the test items found in the 473 are quite elementary, they are challenging because of the fact that the test-takers have to answer them under intense time pressure. As a result, many fail to get a score (minimum is 70) high enough to be called for an interview in order to progress in their application.

The key to getting a high score in the postal exam battery 473, then, lies in reducing the errors you commit while taking the test. If you read on, we will give you a few valuable tips.

In Part A of the test on Address Checking, you will be comparing a correct list with another list where both lists contain an address. You will be asked if both lists have no errors, have errors in the address only, error in the zip code only, or have errors in both address and zip code. Since you will need to answer 60 items in 11 minutes, focus is essential. Work as quickly as you can by focusing only on one item at a time. This way, you will answer more questions correctly. Make sure that you do not mark the wrong letter choice. The ability to read quickly and accurately is an asset here so practice fast reading before the test.

Part B of the test is on Forms Completion. Here, you will be shown a variety of forms used in the post office. Then you will need to answer questions based on the form. The key to reducing the mistakes you make in this part of the test is to take the time to study each form carefully before answering the questions that follow. If you don’t know certain items then skip them. If you still have time (you are given 15 minutes to answer 30 items) you can go back to those numbers which you have missed. Try studying different kinds of forms, even if they are not the ones used in the post office, so you get used to how they look and what the usual items asked for are.

The Coding and Memory section is Part C of the test. Like Part A, focus is essential here. Since this portion of the exam will test your ability to use codes, the ability you need to develop here is memorization. Use the times given to memorize the codes given to you. Obtaining a good score depends on being able to work quickly and accurately.


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