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Needed Skills of US Postal Service Workers

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What could be easier than delivering a letter? As it turns out, the job of a postman isn’t as easy as what everyone thinks. In fact, it takes a special set of skills to be able to deliver letters and parcels each day successfully. So if you are thinking of working for the United States Postal Service, you need to make sure that you can hack it. If you have the following skills then a successful postal career awaits you.

Ability to Learn and Be Comfortable with Postal Codes. The United States Postal Service sorts and ultimately delivers mail through the use of postal codes. These are a series of numbers attached to the postal address to determine where mail exactly is going to be sent. The U.S. ZIP or Zone Improvement Program Code has five numbers which represents the following: The first number is for the region, the second represents the state within that region, the third a sorting center within that state, and the fourth and fifth represent the specific community served by the post office. In some cases, an additional 4-digit code is added (ZIP + 4) to further help sort the mail to a particular mail carrier. If looking at and memorizing all these numbers give you a headache, you might not be cut out to be a postal worker.

Ability to Read Maps and Follow Directions. Since you will be delivering mail to different addresses within your postal route, knowing exactly where to go is essential if you want to finish your work on time. If you are assigned to deliver mail in the city where new offices and buildings sprout like mushrooms, you will really need to have a keen sense of direction since you need to be certain that you have given the letter or parcel to the right address. Otherwise you will be the subject of a lot of complaints.

Good Health and Physical Strength. You will be required to lift a mail bag that can weigh up to 35 pounds. You will be spending anywhere from 5 to 6 hours on your feet, walking and delivering mail. You will be lifting, loading, and unloading parcels to and from your delivery van. Your job will be done outdoors under all types of weather. So if you are not sufficiently healthy, you will find yourself having a very difficult time with your job in the Postal Service.

People Skills. You will be interacting with postal customers on your route. You will need to answer their questions, collect their payments when necessary, and let them sign forms if needed. If you are assigned in the window, customer interaction becomes even more important. Having people skills will not only make your job easier, it will also make well-liked by the customers you serve.


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