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If you wish to become a traditional USPS postal worker, you need to take the postal exam 473. By traditional, we are referring to positions like that of mail handlers, postal clerks, distribution associates, sales associates, and letter carriers. Of course, those who want to be automotive mechanics or automotive technicians or those who want to have technical maintenance positions will have to take a different type of test.

Automotive mechanics will have to take postal exam 943 while those who want to be automotive technicians need to take postal exam 944 in addition to 943. For building equipment mechanics, maintenance mechanics, and other technical maintenance positions, postal exam 955 is the test to take. Those who wish to be data conversion operators have to pass postal test 710 with flying colors.

But no matter what type of postal battery test you will take, preparation is essential if you want to get a high score. You’ve probably heard that you need study guides to be able to ready yourself for the big exam day. While that is essential, it should only be a part of your preparations.

Another part consists of knowing exactly if you really want to work for the Postal Service. It is true that the pay is high and the benefits given to postal workers are competitive. But monetary considerations are not enough to build a career on. You have to believe that such a job fits your personality. When you know in your mind and in your heart that you want to be a postal employee, then preparing yourself for the test becomes second nature.

Once you are determined to pass the postal battery exam because you believe that a career in the postal service is your calling then you need to focus on getting a high score in the test. To do this, using a study guide is not enough. For instance, in the Forms Completion part of the 473-e, you increase your chances of obtaining a high score if you take the time to go to your local post office and borrow some official forms used there so you can familiarize yourself with them. It would also help if you ask people who have taken the postal battery test before for tips about the test. This way, you cover all bases and will not only be conducting a review based on a study guide.

Finally, think positively. Picture yourself passing the postal battery test with flying colors, getting an invitation for an interview, and being offered a USPS employment position. This is called visualization. When you visualize, you are releasing this positive energy to the universe and eventually what you envision will come to pass.

Good luck!


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