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The United States Postal Service has made full use of technology in processing the thousands of applications for individuals interested in USPS jobs. Unless you are looking for casual or seasonal postal jobs in your local post office, going online through the USPS website ( is the way to go if you’re aspiring for a postal career.

Vacancy announcements are posted in the website. If you already have a Candidate Profile in the eCareer system, you can just log in to your account, select “Job Opportunities” and then do a “Job Search.” You can set the criteria that will yield the closest results. If you haven’t, you can simply click “Search our latest job openings” in the employment webpage of the USPS at For this article, let’s assume that you haven’t created a profile yet and are new to the USPS online job application system.

Once you have found a postal job opportunity that you feel you qualify for, click on the blue underlined title to display more details about the vacancy on your screen. You can then click on the “Apply” tab to start the application process. You will be asked to create an eCareer profile with the system before you can proceed with your application.

When filling out your Candidate Profile for the postal employment opportunity, make sure that you carefully read and put in the information required. Do not just attach documents or your resume since some of the fields are required. Besides, if you just attach a document, there is no guarantee that this will be opened and seen by the USPS hiring authorities. The rule of thumb is: Complete the Candidate Profile by typing the information required and attach only documents that the system asks for.

Once you have taken the time to carefully build a Candidate Profile, much of your hard work is done. The information found in your profile will be available for you to use when you apply for other vacancies in the Postal Service. Take note, however, that the system will not automatically send your application to other positions which you qualify for. You will have to actively seek out the postal employment opportunities which best fits your skills and apply for them separately.

Once you have pressed “Send” on your profile, your application will be received by the appropriate parties of the USPS. It will be thoroughly reviewed and depending on the steps required for a particular postal position, you might receive an email which will schedule you for an assessment. Sometimes, you might be asked to answer some questions regarding the details found in your application. Whatever the case, just make sure that you keep on checking your email so that you won’t miss any communication sent to you by the USPS regarding the postal job which you have applied for.


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