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Letter Carriers of the USPS: Things to Watch Out for on the Job

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There are many different employment opportunities with the United States Postal Service. But perhaps none is as popular as that of a letter carrier. Whether you are a city carrier or a rural carrier, delivering letters is one of the most visible jobs of the USPS. And there’s a certain pride in being able to finish your deliveries for the day. Indeed, they hold what Herodotus said in 503 B.C. to heart: “Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night, stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”.

But if you’ve just passed the grueling postal battery 473-e exam and all the screening checks designed for all new Postal Service hires and are all set to deliver mail, there are still things that you need to watch out for on the job. Here’s the lowdown on what these are:

  • Be Wary of Dogs. Animal bites are the most common enemies of USPS letter carriers. Some dog owners just forget to restrain their hyperactive very protective pets and the ankles of mailmen are very tempting targets for those who happen to escape from the gates. The problem is so persistent that the US Postal Service supports the National Dog Bite Prevention Week each year in May to build public awareness against animal attacks. Be sure to ask your supervisors on how postal workers are supposed to deal with such situations.
  • Be Careful of Reckless Motorists and Pedestrians. If you’re driving a postal service vehicle to get and deliver mail, be sure that you are mindful of fellow motorists and pedestrians on the road. In case you are using your own car to do your job (USPS pays for gas and mileage in these instances), see to it that it is equipped with all the necessary safety features that will make your car visible at night. Hone your defensive driving skills so that you can avoid accidents.
  • Be prepared for the Weather. As a postal service worker, you are required to do your job no matter what the weather is. To protect yourself against illnesses, be sure to wear the right clothing that will protect you against the elements. There are jackets and coats among USPS uniforms. Aside from these, make sure that you prepare yourself internally, too. Eat nutritious meals, drink your vitamins, and do what you can to boost your immune system so you won’t get sick easily.

These are some of the more important things that you need to be aware of on the first day of your job as a letter carrier of the USPS. Doubtless, you will encounter other equally significant things as you perform your day-to-day duties. But knowing these three will help you get through the first days of your work.


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